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WWII Brtitish First Aid Party Helmet

Totally origional British Mk2 steel helmet painted F.A.P for First Aid Party.

Shell and liner both dated 1939

Size 6 ¾

In very good origional condition.


WW2 German M40 Luftschutz Helmet
Original, WW2 German beaded M40 'Luftschutz' helmet. It is in great overall condition with no denting. The Helmet retains most of its original Dark Blue paint and the front bears the Luftshutz insignia of Eagle wings (now denazified) in gold with banner containing the title 'Luftschutz'. It is complete with original liner and chin strap. It is stamp on the left inside just above the rim ‘Q64’ and the inside rear above the rim ' 22'.

Good condition


WW2 British Police Inspector's Steel Helmet
This is a rare and totally original WW2 police inspector’s painted steel helmet. The helmet is painted white and has its original Stencilled navy blue paint lettering 'POLICE' and twin decal police inspectors silver rank pips.
It has its original black oil cloth liner with adjustment cord and sprung webbing chinstrap. The inside of the helmet is marked by the manufacturer ' J.C. &W Ltd, dated ‘1938' and size '7'. The helmet is undamaged with no denting and it retains most of its original paint.

WWII Royal Navy Helmet and WWII Navy Issue Shirt
Helmet has considerable paint loss but still in sound condition with its original chin strap and size 7 1940 dated liner. The shirt is in good condition with no rips or holes although it is slightly discoloured due to age.
Both shirt and helmet were issued to Chief Petty Officer Roy Frederick Walter Borham who served on among other ships H.M.S Diomede sub hunting in the Firth of Clyde during WWII.
A piece of history.


WWII Finnish / German M35 Helmet

This is a rare large size "68" German M35 helmet that must have seen considerable history. During World War 2, the second part of Finland's war with the USSR known as the Continuation War, the Germans supplied thousands of helmets for use by the Finnish Army. This one was reconditioned (at least twice) once possibly during the war or just after, certainly once more during the 50s or 60s.

There are two layers of Finnish green paint visible - a matt greyish green over the original German dark grey textured paint and a slightly glossier mossy green over that. The latter is presumably concurrent with the late 50s pattern Finnish liner. The shell is impressed on the inside with it's maker code/size 'EF68' ( Emaillierwerke Fulda) and Serial No. '21577'. The Finnish liner is less rigid than the original German type and so an extra hole and rivet is often placed during refurbishment at the position of the chinstrap on each side for rigidity - but not in this case. This shell still has only the original 3 holes.

The helmet is in good used condition although there are various scratches, marks and some shallow denting to the top. The liner is made of Finnish reindeer hide and is a size 60.


Russian SSh-40 Steel Helmet 

The Russian SSh-40 was the principal helmet design used by the Soviet Union during WWII and up until 1960 when the later SSh-60 was produced. 

This helmet is a large size 3 and is dated stamped for the year 1949, this is probably the year this helmet was reconditioned as most Ssh-40 helmet of this period where manufactured during WWII and reconditioned after 1945. Helmet is in good used condition with original red army star and has nice clear ink stamp markings. 


Mk IV British Helmet

The Mk IV helmet was first introduced just after WW2 replacing the Mk III, the differences between the Mk IV and Mk III is that the rivets attaching the chinstrap to the helmet were placed much lower down on the shell and the use of a "lift-the-dot" fastener for the liner. These modifications allowed the Mk IV to be utilised for carrying water.

Mk IV helmets where used by the British army for four decades, in conflicts such as Korea, Northern Ireland and the Falkland’s.

This helmet is a good example with original chocolate brown painted shell dated 1952, the liner is in excellent condition and is dated 1977 with replacement sock dated 1985.

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UK p&p £10 

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WW2 British Helmet

1939 dated British helmet in totally original and untouched condition.


Mk 3 British Helmet

Also known as the D-day helmet. This one is in very good condition with original paint, chinstrap and original 1943 dated liner.


WW2 British Police Helmet

WW2 British Police constables helmet dated 1939, totally original and untouched condition.


WW2 British Police Inspectors Helmet

Genuine item in good condition for age.

Original BMB 1939 dated mark one liner. 

Original chin strap

Original POLICE transfer and pips.

This is a very rare hard to find helmet. Plenty of Police constables and sergeants helmets on the market. This is the only Inspectors helmet I have ever had.


WW1 British Tommy Helmet

Totally original paintwork with some dents as to be expected from a helmet that has probably  been in the trenches during WW1, the inside rim is stamped FS for Thomas Firth and Sons who supplied this type of helmet during the WW1 period,  the liner is a bit tatty but still secured with the original brass rivet. All in all this is a good un messed with British WW1 helmet , chinstrap is missing.